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 EuroCuba in Varadero (4) package.
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 EuroCuba in Havana/Cayo Coco - Cayo Guillermo (1) package.
 from 985.00 €/pax
 RT London-Havana City
 from 987.00 €
  Old Havana
  from 33.00 €/night
  from 26.00 €/night
  Cayo Coco
  from 59.00 €/night
  Cayo Largo
  from 36.00 €/night
  Santiago de Cuba
  from 24.00 €/night
  Cayo Guillermo
  from 69.00 €/night


In order to provide the very best selection of flights to Cuba directly or to any of our gateway cities we have chosen Worldspan's Global ticketing service which sells over 7 million seats per year and is the worlds largest ticket consolidator. Take advantage of mark down fares, electronic confirmation and immediate electronic ticketing plus, all other services directly from Cuba's #1 travel agency. Important...

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Important Flights purchased via WorldSpan will appear in the shopping cart on this website only as "Flight - WorldSpan" and are not included in the total. Seats are purchased directly from our partner and added to your vacation package, hotels, cars and other services. Nevertheless, we operate closely with our partner and guarantee that all other services will be directly linked to any flight purchased in order to offer a complete total vacation package. We will therefore arrange return transfers from/to the airport in Cuba to your Hotel plus ensure that all other services are linked directly to your flight.

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